We weren’t always MAD Creative. But nobody heard the name Mullen Downs Creative and caught the spark of our new firm’s personality.

“It sounds like a whiskey label,” a friend told us. Honestly, we weren’t thrilled with it either. It rang “law firm” to our ears. Nothing against law firms, but that’s not who you contact when you need help projecting your company’s personality to the world. We’re the place you want to call.

So we became our first client. We needed a name that conveyed why we do what we do, the essence of storytelling and smart business. 

Words and Pictures? Too generic. Coffee and Cream? Too mild.

Just a tiny tweak to our original name, though, distilled our vision. Combining our names revealed our new identity and helped us discover our voice.

We’re mad for MAD Creative. The short, memorable moniker evokes art, science, passion, risk taking.

And MAD Creative is personal — the best type of storytelling.

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