Experiment 442 label copy.jpg

The label we designed sums up the beer we brewed:

Want to have fun with arithmetic? Inspiration from Boulevard’s Tank 7 plus 435 Magazine’s beer issue add up to Experiment 442. The slightly floral nose and bready flavor make this saison the perfect little number to pal around with cheddar cheese and crisp apples. No calculator required. 

Hours it took to brew this batch of beer

53 12-ounce bottles were capped – and labeled

188 Dollars to brew five gallons of ale, parts and labor, at Brew Lab in Downtown Overland Park

435 Magazine for which I wrote “Making a Case for Homebrewing – In Somebody Else’s Kitchen”

Amount you’ll pay ­­– yep, we’re talkin’ about FREE BEER! - for a bottle of MAD Inspiration & Ales’ debut brew, Experiment 442, if you sign up for MAD Creative’s news-you-can-use-letter. Our supply is very, very limited so it’s first come, first served. And when it’s gone, it’s GONE!