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Nearly everyone and their grandma is on Facebook, according to the latest Pew research. So why wouldn’t you want your business to have a strong Facebook presence?

Since it is the most popular social media platform, it’s a key place to share your company’s news and products, and the most direct portal to your website.

Currently, you’re probably hearing business owners grumble that they’ve made an investment in time and money to build Facebook followers only to have a fraction of them see their posts. Facebook has changed its algorithms so that less than 10 percent of pages’ followers see items on their news feeds.

Why? So businesses have to pay to reach a larger audience.

Best practices: Use the 1:5 Rule for promoting your business on Facebook — only one of every five posts should directly promote your business. The other four posts should be content that will be helpful to your client. For example, if you’re a furniture store, link to an article about what to look for in a sofa vs. the specific models of sofas you sell.

Unless you’re a large organization with have lots of news each day, limit Facebook posts to two a day.

The value: We’ve concluded that paying is fair on Facebook — not for every post but up to once or twice a month when your business has important news to share. Sponsored posts not only reach your page’s followers but their friends, too. So this is targeted information for a larger number of potential customers. And the prices are reasonable, about $40 to $60 to reach more than 10,000 people in a few days. Win, win, win.

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