Pens are usually a pretty pedestrian promotional product. But floaty pens?  Who doesn’t smile at a little doodad making its slow, deliberate way from one end of the tiny world in a writing instrument to the other? The crowd goes wild!

We enjoyed designing not one but two of these gems for clients in 2016, the 70th anniversary of the floaty pen. Invented in 1946 by Peder Eskesen, the original floating action pen is still manufactured in Denmark to this day.

Rosin Preservation, a national historic preservation firm based in Kansas City, wanted to mark its 10th anniversary with a floaty pen and turned to us to design it. Because the Kansas City streetcar debuted the same year, we added its modern likeness as the float. The pen background contains the Kansas City skyline, a mix of contemporary and old buildings reused by new, thriving businesses that speak to what Rosin does through its consultation and tax credit expertise.

Fittingly, owner Elizabeth Rosin has collected floaty pens for years — her collection was once even exhibited at Crown Center. She loves how the miniature scenes instantly create a sense of place, and the sliding floats make them playful but useful toys all can engage with.

To kick off the launch of its new website, the American Institute of Architects Kansas City commissioned us later in the year to create a floaty pen. The floating logo across Kansas City landmarks perfectly conveys the expertise of its membership while still being fun!