Everyone loves dramatic before-and-afters. The suite of websites we recently developed for Pacific Mutual Door don’t disappoint on that front.

Overseeing the transformation of these five sites into a cohesive brand statement was a satisfying way to start the new year. Reflecting on the project, it could have easily been pretty daunting just judging by the numbers alone.

  • Five websites

  • More than 10 team members

  • Dozens of vendors

  • Hundreds of photographs

The project came together because we had a process, and one of the most important lessons you can learn is that process takes the pain away.

Process doesn’t come naturally to most of us, especially creative types who prefer turning ideas into even better products. Process conjures administrative tedium — and no one wants to raise their hand to take on that.

But with some thought and planning, creating a process that assigns roles, tasks and timelines is a beautiful thing that can lead to many happily ever afters.

… and now.

… and now.