When we get our hot hands on the latest issue of USA Philatelic, it’s akin to receiving a phone-book-thick toy catalog just in time to write a letter to Santa. Yes, Virginia, October is National Stamp Collecting Month, but to us postage stamps are something to get excited about year round. The colors! The artistry! The history!

The digital catalog, too, is a gift, rewarding casual browsers and deep-drawer philatelists alike. Each article is its own microsite, featuring topnotch video and motion graphics to tell the always-fascinating stories behind each stamp.

Although the average American stamp is only .87 inches wide and .98 inches tall, the best examples pack the power of a poster, educating, informing and delighting as they hit important and memorable touchpoints celebrating American history, science and culture. Our take: how lucky we are!

Lots of people love to complain about the US Postal Service, but give ‘em this: their stamp designs inspire. Forever.

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