This Ford Motor Co. assembly plant, built in 1916, is now a 21c Museum Hotel.

This Ford Motor Co. assembly plant, built in 1916, is now a 21c Museum Hotel.

Postcards are always fun to receive, especially now that the mailman doesn't deliver personal mail as often as he once did. So when Rosin Preservation approached us about a marketing campaign that would show the impact their projects have had on their surrounding communities, we turned to vintage architectural postcards for inspiration.

These cards celebrate how vacant, neglected buildings can be revitalized and repurposed into modern-day businesses. These businesses are brick-and-mortar testimonials to the value of historic preservation, and show how preservation is a powerful force for positive change. Phase One of the campaign highlighted three unique successes:

  • A shuttered Ford car assembly plant became a 21c Museum Hotel with an art gallery in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • The deteriorating former Cosby Hotel was saved from the wrecking ball, and was renovated into an office complex, deli and bakery in downtown Kansas City.
  • A vacant school building in Kansas City was converted into senior apartments.

The printed cards pack an even a bigger punch by driving recipients to a companion landing page on Rosin Preservation’s website. By showing before-and-after photos and data points about jobs, living spaces and cultural attractions created in the transformed spaces, the campaign vividly illustrates how the company impacts their clients, the buildings they save and the communities they serve.

As we said when we started this Case Study series, when we win, our clients win, and when they score, we do, too. We're gratified to report that the campaign is already paying dividends and has been declared a success. We'll be launching Phase Two in the first quarter of 2017!