We don’t think of the firms we work with so much as “customers” or “clients” as we do partners. Why make the distinction? Because one of our core beliefs is that our successes are linked. Our wins are mutually beneficial. When they score, we score. When we’re successful, they are, too.

One partner that we’ve had the privilege to work with, Rosin Preservation, took a big step not long ago when they bought and rehabbed their own building. Concurrently they hired us to manage a brand uplift, including a new graphic identity, a new website, print and digital outreach, and public relations. The happy result? Extensive media coverage, several awards, increased online traffic and robust lead generation!

Over the next several weeks we’re going to walk through that project, addressing the challenges, the problem solving and the process behind each step, and its impact. We have a lot to share and insights that we're certain our readers will benefit from. We hope you enjoy the journey!

Next week. Logo redesign
Week 2. Color
Week 3. Typography
Week 4. A new website
Week 5. Public relations
Week 6: A two-pronged promotion